Posted by: ronontheroad | March 19, 2014


We ran a creative prayer workshop at the beginning of March in the local Methodist church. One of the sessions was on using and creating poetry. Using images that the session leader had placed around the room, we were encouraged to write, or read.

I wrote:

Electric blue, ethereal shapes
Ephemeral will o’the wisp
What do you see?
Curtains or protection?
A rainbow-promise writ large.

Green, red, purple
Ex-i-ted particles expressing joy in creation.
Stress-pain relaxes into colour.
The very heavens tell the glory.
Unseen made visible, minute made massive,
Magnetic force bent by energetic outburst.

By day the sun too bright but –
You / can / see.
The dawn before the dawn.
Day and night telling the story
Speaking – not words but colour, shape.



  1. sounds great


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