Posted by: ronontheroad | February 18, 2013

Embracing the liminal

The edges - water and land, light and dark

The edges – water and land, light and dark

I seem to be drawn to the liminal – the edges, thresholds, boundaries – the “thin” places.

In my imagination, I see islands on the horizon, where land, sea, sky meet.

Places where things change.

As the church calendar rolls round to Lent once again, a time to reflect on the boundary between the “natural” and the “spiritual”. Considering what we can see, touch, experience – the things that seem to be real and lasting – and those that are out of sight, beyond touch, maybe not part of experience – things that seem ephemeral.

And yet it seems to be the other way round. All that we interact with – the day-to-day, the mundane is fleeting and will not last. The sea rises and falls each day under the influence of unseen forces and currents. The hills shrink or grow as natural processes – deposition, erosion, plate tectonics – have their effect. Scientist tell us that most of the matter in the universe is “missing” – dark, unseen, difficult to detect. Solid materials are made of atoms which are – I understand things correctly – mainly empty space, fields, potentials.

So what is real? Is it unreasonable for me to think that the spiritual dimension of my life is less “real” than the physical? As I try to draw close – to get to know, to encounter- God, is this really a great delusion as some would say. Or is there the possibility that this present natural experience is ephemeral?

Take some time out of the day – look at at the horizon, or in your imagination to an island or mountain top – and reflect on what you can and cannot see, what you can and cannot touch. Maybe you will find that God is already there waiting for you.





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