Posted by: ronontheroad | September 1, 2012

September – a time of change

Autumn leaves against blue skyBeginnings – a new school year for many, the opportunity to make new friends, maybe go to a new place, prepare for new demands on time, energy.

Endings – the end of the summer, plants start getting ready for the onset of winter in a few weeks. Nights drawing in, weather (though you might not notice it this year) becoming colder, wetter. Trees prepare for a last burst of colour – gold, red, orange … before the dormancy of winter and the budding of spring. Berries – rich colours, seeds of new generation, feeding birds and animals. Morning mists soften the landscape, hiding then revealing paths. Not yet the smell of frost in the air, but there is that earthiness where early leaves have fallen and fungi abound, breaking down the hard material to create nutrients.

September is a transitional month. The equinox marks an imaginary point on the Earth’s orbit around the Sun between mid-summer and mid-winter. A time for standing and looking around – reflecting on our journey: ahead the unknown – cold, grey; behind us the halcyon days – golden, warm. But it is the journey that is important, reaching to the destination but enjoying what today brings.

Change, beginnings and endings.



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