Posted by: ronontheroad | March 13, 2012

Fearful history

I recently went to my dentist for the regular check-up along with a “clean and scale”. I have been using this particular dentist for many years. Intellectually, I know she is highly trained and skilled. She won’t in inflict pain on me. Nevertheless, I feel my body tending up when I am in the chair – I have to work hard to force my muscles to relax, to stop gripping the arms of the chair, to open my mouth.

I guess my body remembers the trauma of visiting the dental clinic when I was at school. So long ago. I don’t remember the experience – my memory is quiet – editing our any unpleasantness.

The thing is, after the dentist has done her work, dealing with the gunk that builds up over time, she has dealt with problems – actual and potential – that may cause me pain later. The investment of a little discomfort now is worthwhile – although I will put off the visit if I can.

I wonder if there is an illustration here with a spiritual dimension?

Do I put off the discomfort of dealing with life’s issues before they become serious problems because it is easier to avoid. And when I find God working on me for good, with great skill, do I rebel against it because of some deep-seated fear or forgotten pain?

Maybe I just need to lean how to relax and share the journey.  I am sure God has not finished with me yet



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